Our network

National network

At the moment, the major entities of research of the territory of Trentino are part of UniTrento Sport network: FBK (Bruno Kessler Foundation), COSBI (Computational and Systems Biology), FEM (Edmund Mach Foundation) and IIT (Italian Institute of Technology). 


Unisport Italia

Unisport Italia, the National University Sport System, is the Italian university network, aiming to value academic sport’s potentialities as an effective and “transversal” tool for education, training, research, innovation. Another goal is to improve the university experience and well-being in general.

The University of Trento, among the founding universities, holds the pro-tempore presidency, position occupied by professor Paolo Bouquet.

The mission of UniSport Italia is that of:

Promoting and strengthening the role of sports within scientific research, not only in the so-called sport sciences, but also as a source of inspiration for application fields in all the academic disciplines and in interdisciplinary projects;

Promoting new education policies (both formal and informal) that use sport as a vehicle for developing life and soft skills;

Promoting sport as a mean of social inclusion, integration, overcoming ideological and cultural barriers related to gender and nationality;

Allowing sport to become an integral part of the university experience, as well as a factor of sociality, aggregation, sense of belonging, healthy and sustainable lifestyles.


European network


UniTrento Sport aims to create a European network centered on University, Sport and Mountains. Therefore it plans to develop and create a network with the nearby universities, located in Verona, Bolzano and Innsbruck, and with other international universities.


The University of Trento is an active member of EAS (European Athlete Student), the European dual career network. The EAS network,founded in 2004, aims to support the European Commission during the European Year of Education Through Sport (EYES). It involves universities, sports schools and other educational institutions interested in high performance sport, as well as sports clubs and sports federations that are willing to help their athletes in their studies.

The main objective of the EAS network is to support European athletes in combining high level sport and education.

Supporting dual career means that the EAS network strives to optimize training conditions for student-athletes, but also that their future is guaranteed by making it possible for them to have an education or professional training.

The ambitions are many. It is necessary to find and unite partners involved in high-performance sports and education, and to identify and exchange best practices between countries and institutions. Besides, it is also important to present suggestions to decision makers on the conditions for improving high performance sport and education, as well as to act as a link between educational institutions and sports organizations. At the same time, EAS tries to develop research projects in the field of sport and education.


The University of Trento is an active member of ENAS (European Network of Academic Sports Services) and has its own representative on the ENAS board.

ENAS is a sports association for universities in Europe. It is an international non-governmental alliance with a common interest in promoting sport and physical activity in universities. It was founded in 1997 in Chambéry, France, and currently counts over 120 members from 21 European countries.

Sport at university is organised differently in Europe. This diversity makes it important to have common goals. ENAS is the organization that achieves this goal as far as Academic Sports Services concern.

Sport is a fundamental part of university life: it promotes the social, mental and physical well-being of students. It also contributes to the university's educational mission by teaching lifelong learning skills such as teamwork, leadership and community values. It helps to attract, recruit and retain students and keep in touch with Alumni, as well as in the celebration of talent, excellence and achievement.

The ENAS network promotes the development of sport for everyone in all universities.

With a target group of several million students and thousands of employees from academic sports services, ENAS can be a complementary element for the European movement. The organization works alongside key partners, in order to offer its members the opportunity to share experiences to help them develop.



The University of Trento is an active member of EPSI (European Platform for Sport Innovation); it is a networking organization focused on the European Union and on innovation in the areas of physical activity related to sport, leisure and health.

EPSI is committed to the creation of a more innovation-friendly environment for the EU sports industry, in order to stimulate technological innovation and to create business with a particular focus on innovative technology.